How We Communicate

Transdermal Therapeutics communicates with patients via telephone, email and text messages in a variety of situations. The most important conversation we will have with you is when we receive a new prescription for you from your doctor. When we receive a new prescription for you, we will call the number(s) provided by your doctor on the prescription to discuss the formula prescribed, insurance coverage, shipping instructions, etc. in order to fill your prescription as quickly as possible.

Once a prescription has been filled for you, we will also communicate with you via email and/or text for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To let you know when your prescription has been shipped and provide you with a tracking number
  • When your prescription has been successfully delivered to the address we confirmed with you
  • To remind you when your prescription is available for refill
  • And various other instances related to your care

At no time will Transdermal sell your information to a third party for any reason...ever!

We are committed to providing you with products and services of the highest quality, and we believe that our communications with you should be limited and relevant to only things you care about.

As such, you always have the option to opt out of these communications at any time by:

We truly value your privacy and want your experience with us to be one you appreciate. If at any time you are unhappy with us, please do not hesitate to call (877-581-5444) or email ( with your concerns.

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