Micelle Technology

What is unique about Transdermal Compounding?

Transdermal Therapeutics’ compounding process begins with best-in-class pure bulk ingredients. In addition, we use the highest quality base cream available in the formulations. Our multi-step compounding process is performed by specially trained pharmacy technicians and pharmacists utilizing standardized techniques and procedures, precise measurements, and state-of-the-art equipment. Each step is fully documented, and at least 3 quality checks are performed on every prescription. Formulas are routinely tested by an independent laboratory to assure quality.

This high-tech, high-touch method of compounding ensures the patient receives their medication exactly as prescribed. The compounding process forms micelles with a lipophilic exterior which facilitates penetration of the medication through the stratum corneum into the subcutaneous layer and painful tissues. The ingredients are then released from the micelle to bathe the nociceptors in medication and provide targeted pain relief.

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Uses & Application

What do I need to know before prescribing Transdermal?

General Uses

Transdermal Therapeutics prides itself on the science and quality that go into our topical pain cream compounds, our ethical business practices, and providing options for prescribers and patients. Transdermal Therapeutics uses a synergistic approach to pain management.

This is achieved through combining our proprietary micelle delivery system with recognized receptor-based therapy. Through the micelle delivery system, multiple medications can be delivered through the stratum corneum- inhibiting nociceptor (pain receptor) depolarization, targeting inflammation, and blocking the muscle spasms associated with peripheral pain.


The following are some examples of when transdermal therapy may be advantageous:

  • When a patient has not had success using other pain treatments.
  • When a patient has difficulty swallowing oral medications.
  • When a patient is allergic to inert ingredients (such as binders or dyes) in oral medications.
  • When the clinician is hesitant to add another oral medication.
  • When a patient cannot tolerate oral NSAIDs.
  • When there is a need for the patient to decrease or avoid narcotics.

How Do I Prescribe?

Our custom-compounded formulas treat pain by delivering medication directly to the spot that’s hurting, and work differently than injections, opiates and other pills. It’s easy to use, there’s no risk of addiction, and our medications are easily customized to your patients’ individual needs.

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