Usage & Application: Step by Step Guide


1- Check your daily dose:

  • Please read the label completely.
  • You will gain the most relief by using your medicine exactly as prescribed.  
  • Remember: 1 pump = 1 gram.
  • This medicine builds up in your system over time, so please apply it as frequently as your doctor prescribes.  
  • Meal times and bedtime are great ways to work in 4 daily applications.

2- Please make sure that your skin is clean and free of any substances

3- Apply 1 pump to the painful area and massage into the skin well.  (Friction drives the medicine through your skin.)  If the entire area is not covered with the first pump, apply a second pump of cream and massage into the skin.

4- Wash your hands after each application with soap and water (unless applying to your hands).

5- If there is any excess cream left on your skin (or you’ve applied to your hands):  

  • Work the remainder in with a few drops of water, and
  • Wipe the excess off with a damp cloth.