Why Topicals

Topical treatment for muscle pain relief is a common-sense approach that lets the patient apply medication directly to the painful area. Upon receipt of a prescription, our pharmacists can compound multiple topical pain medications that target various pain pathways into one easy to use muscle pain relief cream.

Our Patients

Our patients are our top priority. We comprehensively train our pharmacists and technicians in compounding procedures and techniques. Our pharmacy is designated as a CQI Center of Excellence, and we send our topical compounds to an outside laboratory for potency testing weekly. This assures that each patient gets the exact dose of medication their clinician has prescribed.

  • CQI Center of Excellence
  • Highly trained staff
  • Compounds are quality tested
  • Pharmacist available for consultations


Muscle pain relief is a complex process which involves many different neurological and inflammatory pathways. A compounded topical muscle pain relief cream allows the clinician to prescribe multiple medications to target these pathways. The prescriber can customize each formula specific to each patient’s needs.

  • Targets multiple pain pathways
  • Customizable by prescriber
  • Multiple medications in one cream
  • Compounded for individual patient

Administering & Application

Small details can make a BIG difference. Follow the finer points of muscle pain relief cream application in the Video and Step by Step Guide.

Learn More

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